Heads up: This particular template only applies to individuals residing in Canada 🇨🇦.

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RRSP and TFSA Room Tracker

Each type of registered account has two databases: Transactions and yearly limits. They are connected in a way that all deposits and withdrawals are recorded in the transactions database, which are then used by the yearly limits to calculate the current available room for contributions.

Notion doesn't handle recursive formulas very well That is, formulas that depend on formulas that depend on ... etc. You get the idea. For that reason, unfortunately, there is a bit of manual work to be done here.

You'll notice both and have two similar properties:

The available room for the previous year can be brought over via Rollups, and the value will be correct. However, when trying to use that value as a number, things get wacky. For that reason, and hopefully temporarily, its important you manually enter the value you see in the Rollup version of the property into the regular Number version. By having them side-by-side you can make sure they match.

Luckily, this would only need to be done once: At the beginning of the year.

The Math


$R = L_c + r_p + w_p -d_c$


$R = r_p + r_c + a_c - d_c$