You've finally finished your database — it looks great. You select a gallery view... only to find out your images are getting cropped unexpectedly. What about if you pick a medium-sized card? What if you resize the window?

Especially if you have text in your images, this can become very frustrating to deal with. This is why I have created a quick guide to make sure you know what the safe space is in an image in gallery view.

The ratio for an image that is just the right size is 1.8. The ones I use are 1800px wide and 1000px high. Based on those calculations, I found the following to be true:


Min. width: 1400px

Min. height: 950px


Min. width: 1500px

Min. height: 850px


Min. width: 1450px

Min. height: 650px

Any Size

If you don't yet know the card size you will be using, or you are likely to switch between them constantly.

Min. width: 1400px

Min. height: 650px